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We are a Top Graphics Design, Mobile App Development & SEO Services Agency in Toronto. We design professional company logo, business cards, letterheads, brochures and other assets for all your business needs.

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Creative Graphic Design Agency in Toronto

Creative graphic design is an integral part of the digital marketing strategy and customer engagement.  Continuum intends to travel miles in this segment; our key strength comes from the graphic designers who thrive on giving the best user experience. Our specialized graphic design team of professionals believe in delivering solutions more creatively with the same established objective of creating tailored solutions for our clients. We provide following services to deliver identity and brand management through contemporary graphic design in Toronto and across the world. We are result-oriented people who believe in delivery as promised. Let us talk if you feel that you would like to know more about hiring designers at Continuum.

Business Card & Letterhead Design


Continuum make sure to deliver consistent branding throughout the business cards & letterhead designing. We design custom business cards and letterheads for all size businesses. We plan brand journey and experience to design a creative business card that represent your business.

Our designers are experts and served custom designs for most industries globally including but not limited to ecommerce, healthcare, construction, legal, realestate, interior design.

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Logo Design

Brand logo speaks volumes and plays a pivotal role in online brand management. Our design specialists understand your business and deliver logo options that talk about your brand's journey. Our professional logo designers tailored to your brand’s culture & values. We adopt a key strategy to make an interesting brand personality over the world.

Advanced graphic Manipulation

We are a professional photo editing services provider in Toronto. we serve all size businesses including e-commerce stores, web portals and marketplaces with our ongoing image editing and fixing services.

Flyer Standard

Our graphics designers create custom flyers design that generates results. We keep our customers involved throughout the creation process to ensure the design meets the vision. We serve across the Greater Toronto Area and with the capacity to serve national and globally.

Brochure Designing


Our creative graphic design agency in Toronto delivers high quality print ready brochure designs with multiple file formats (AI, EPS, PSD, JPG, PDF) as required. We design top brochures across industries globally and for all size businesses.

Our design speaks itself and reflects the right purpose and brand to generate results. We offer all purpose custom brochure designs. Our process includes mock-up design for each concept for client selection and feedback. We value our clients feedback before delivering the final designs.

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More Graphic Design Services

Creative Design Solutions

Social Media Banners

We follow complete brand guidelines for social media banner designing. we design banners for the most social platforms.

Website Banners

We create unique and creative banners for all types of business websites at competitive rates.

2D & 3D Animations

We design, creative 2D and 3D models. We create awesome experiences with our character animation skill sets.

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HTML Emailers

We design custom HTML Mailers that supports most email agents for all types of businesses.

Marketing presentations

We create presentations that generate results. We follow branding and creativity throughout the presentation.


Why should I hire a graphic designer?

There are multiple things that a graphic designer can work on if hired for a specific duration. It becomes cost-effective to club a few graphical tasks and hire a designer who can perform all within a specified span. To do each job separately might attract higher commercials and additionally, the cost of making changes is also considered as a separate cost by quite a few.

How can you find a graphic designer or graphic artist is a match for you?

You can request a Continuum graphic artist to create a small graphical piece for you with a minimum cost; it will give you the right idea about – designers creativity, research required to perform the creation, professionalism and timely delivery.

How do I hire a graphic designer?

Email us at with information on your grapahics requirement and contact details. Continuum representative will get in touch with you within 24 hours. A team representative will understand your requirement and suggest the right fitted solution of graphic designing need.