Custom Web Application For Health & Fitness Industry

Branding, Web Application Design & Development

Future Me

Based on their research programme, the University of Notre Dame, Australia, wanted Continuum to design and develop a unique health application solution – FutureMe. We took it from concept to reality and helped the client in achieving the unique software specifications with our high-end programming skills and created a customized web application solution for them using PHP.

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Continuum has designed branded logo for FutureMe.


  • Logo design
  • Brand guidelines


This software application is in fact one of the best examples of leveraging technology to improve outcomes in the fitness industry. An ideal app for your fitness journey – right from your current Avatar to the avatar of your future self. It guides you on a specific diet and exercise program. You can tailor these aspects to achieve the desired results. If this wasn’t enough, you can see the progress you make in your Avatar to the FutureMe Avatar you want to be.

We also did the branding for FutureMe. We made sure that our logo projected a solid, well-designed visual brand to FutureMe customers.


  • BMI Calculation
  • Photo Capture using device camera
  • Play with Avatar Settings
  • Setup Diet & Fitness Goal
  • Track Diet & Fitness
  • Auto Future Avatar Creation
  • Compare Current vs Future Avatar
  • App Backend