How we helped BrickTree Constructions launching their brand on Social Media

Continuum closely partnered with the BrickTree Constructions and teams to come up with the solid launch strategy to boost brand awareness as well as brand value locally. Our efforts included research, brand launch strategy, website design, content development, graphics design, and social media channels management.


BrickTree has always been focused and dedicated to help families achieve their dream of building a dream home and
consistently offering a wide range of innovative, unbeatable valued inclusions which are standard by name but designer by nature.

A new business wanted to establish their presence online and quickly get noticed to the local market.

We focused on increasing brand awareness through launching a branded website for the BrickTree first, and then established social accounts for the company and started creating and posting high quality branded content strategically on the relevant channels. Our idea was to generate branded content that entices users to spend enough time on our content and notice the brand.

Just in three months of efforts; the business generated tons of interest in the local targeted region.

We have been able to reach out organically approx. 6000+ accounts in just couple of months on Social Media.




Social Organic Reach

6000+ Accounts In a Single Month