How we increased organic search traffic from 0 to 2000+ Per Month for Paramount Chemicals

Continuum closely partnered with the Paramount Chemicals to assess the real demand of their products in the local market and accordingly crafted customized SEO implementation strategy for the focused keywords. Our efforts included in-depth ongoing keywords research, onpage optimization, and offpage optimization.


Paramount chemicals, established in 1986, one of the chemical industry leaders in Australia, desired establishing online presence of their business to increase online sales while utilizing their current customer base.

The website was designed with ready template, poor user experience and no technical SEO implemented It was not optimized at all and hardly any organic traffic was coming to the site.

We did Indepth keywords analysis and market test for the selected keywords with paid ads to make sure the keyword strength before implementing organic SEO. We set up an aggressive strategy, selecting a broad range of keywords for various products for both onpage and off-page optimization for this e-commerce store,

We’ve achieved total 8219 impressions in the very first few months and Click Through Rate (CTR) of Avg 3.41%, which generated a number of new sales. We have successfully ranked 11 keywords in top 10 and 15 keywords in top 30 within just 3 months. Within a short period of time, the business is now generating more than 2000 monthly organic traffic on their website.

Over the period of time, the online yearly impressions grown to 1.4M and visits to approx 23878!




Click Through Rates