How we helped Virtopsy increasing brand awareness

Continuum closely partnered with the Virtopsy Canada to develop a holistic Social Media and Advertisement strategy. Our efforts included in-depth ongoing research, targeted content writing, visual creatives, videos creation, and creating and monitoring paid ads campaigns.


A Virtopsy is a Virtual Autopsy, that is, a post-mortem CT scan conducted using the latest in digital imaging technology. A CT (CAT) scanner is used in place of a scalpel to see inside the body. It is a dignified and non-invasive way to determine cause of death and other contributory conditions in the decedent.

Virtopsy is a totally new concept launched for Canada. Ontario has become the first jurisdiction in Canada to begin using imaging machines designed to diagnose the living as a tool to uncover the medical secrets of the dead. As this is the new concept, there is zero awareness about it in the market.

We have followed Consumer Funnel Approach and started with focusing on increasing brand awareness where we established companies social accounts and started pushing lot of knowledge sharing content to educate the people in Canada. Our idea is to reach out to as many people as possible that match our exclusive target audience parameters through organic and modest social as well as google ads.

Our first year target is to generate only brand awareness however with the solid efforts in generating branded content, videos, within couple of months, started getting inquiries.
We’ve achieving monthly 10000+ avg impressions with modest Google ads and Click Through Rate (CTR) of Avg 4.35%, which generated a number of new inquiries.

We have been able to reach out organically approx. 7,874 accounts in just a single month on Social Media. As a part of performance marketing, we are helping Virtopsy to increase their reach on LinkedIn and connecting with targeted accounts ongoing basis.




Click Through Rates




Social Organic Reach

7874 Accounts In a Single Month