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We are a Top Web Design, SEO & App Development Company in Toronto. We just love creating quality mobile apps that creates results for our clients.

With smartphones and high-speed internet, it is imperative for organizations to adopt the mobile-first approach. Continuum Digital is a best mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada who plays a vital role in assisting customers adopt mobility by providing mobility consultingmobile app designing, mobile app development and testing services.

We partner with our clients to deliver a very personal mobile experience to their end users and to increase end-user interaction with the brand, resulting in improved retention and increased revenue. We work with our clients right from ideation to the implementation of a successful mobile strategy.

We as a best Mobile App Development Company in Toronto work with our clients right from ideation to the successful implementation.

Quality App Development Toronto

Our app makers have experience in developing high performance native mobile applications and easy to maintain hybrid mobile applications.

Our visual designers are pro at creating wireframes and visual design mockup for mobile, mobile web and responsive web applications. We have a strong hold over a broad spectrum of mobile application development platforms and technologies including iOS, Android, HTML5. Our offshore app development team excel in the development of business applications, mobile games and web services for mobile applications. We have an impressive portfolio of mobile applications across domains including social media, healthcare, games, entertainment and advertising and have also developed applications with SMS gateway and e-Commerce applications with the payment gateway. Hire our expert mobile app developers now at Continuum.

For robust, scalable and high performing mobile apps, choose Continuum - one of the best App Development Companies in Toronto.

Mobile App  Development Consultation

Apart from our mobile app development services, we provide mobile app consulting to choose the best-suited application type for business and to design an optimal solution for limited bandwidth availability, device resource constraints, security, scalability.

Our team has expertise in building enterprise applications with data service integrations. We develop solutions to primarily address secure storage, end to end encryption, offline availability and data synchronization issues for native mobile applications and hybrid mobile applications. Our mobile testers focuses on end to end testing of all mobile features including security. Get in touch with the experienced mobile app development company Toronto today for complementary consultation.

App Development Technologies We Serve


We leverage the most recent advancements in mobile technologies, incorporating iOS 15 and Swift 4 for iOS development.

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Our technologists & designers come together to deliver efficient & scalable custom iPad applications.

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We deliver customized hi-tech applications using Android SDK, JDK, JSP and SQLite.

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We provide end to end mobile game development services for iOS and Android Mobile Phones & tablets.

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Technical Expertise @Continuum


If you are in search of a top-notch mobile app development agency in Toronto, look no further. Our team of experts specializes in creating high-performance, user-friendly native and hybrid apps that are easy to maintain and update. Whether you're looking to develop an app for iOS or Android, we have the skills and experience to bring your vision to life.

Mobile OS & Deployment Solutions

Mobile Operating Systems - iOS, Android
Deployment Solutions - Apple & Android Stores, Mobile Cloud

Mobile Web Tools:

XHTML, .NET Mobile Web SDK

IDEs & Languages

IDEs - XCode, Visual Studio

Languages - Objective-C, C#, . NET, .NET Compact Framework

Web Services ( JSON, REST, SOAP )

SDKs & Framework: iOS SDK, Android, .NET Compact Framework 3.5





Instant App Development Quote


What is the purpose of mobile app development?

Purpose of a mobile app is to be easily accessible to customers whenever they need. It also includes critical aspects like branding, awareness, customer service on fingertips.

Why is mobile app development significant?

Portability and ease are the primary keys to keep customers actively engaged. This platform brings a combination of emotion and attachment through the app. Hence it takes care of materialistic and emotional needs to the customers.

What are the types of the mobile application?

Primarily there are two types of application:

  1. Native mobile application: They are developed for a specific mobile Operating System to ensure the best performance using native OS resources. Separate native mobile apps can be developed for individual Phones OS like Apple iOS, Google’s Android or Windows phone.
  2. Hybrid mobile application: These apps can be accessed as mobile apps just like native apps, however they get developed using web technologies.
  3. Web apps: They are responsive versions of website which can be used on any device. 

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