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We help our clients adopt the mobile first approach with responsive web design and template development for high performance sites. With the digital wave in web design toronto, a spectacular design is the base of a successful digital strategy. With mobile first approach adopted by most businesses, responsive web design is the key. This device independent design philosophy allows businesses to deliver a compelling experience to not just desktop users but also to smart phone, iPad and android device users. With numerous software programs still evolving, the trick is to choose the best way of creating responsive themes to stay on the right track in the long run.

Responsive themes are at the heart of the marketing ecosystem and e-commerce portals developed using content management system and allow content defined once can be served across devices without duplication. Continuum is the most experienced web design agency in Toronto for all your business needs. Email us at to hire dedicated web designers & web developers Toronto.




We, at Continuum Software Solutions, strive to stay fresh and creative to offer a solid base for your business strategy. Our web designers and web developers believe in a process of continuous gap analysis and improvement to deliver the best website designs to our clients. Our focus is not just user interface design but the user experience and interactive design. Customer behavior is a crucial input to the website design process to identify the frequently performed operations and devices used.

We ensure adherence to design principles with focus on website usability and color theory. We specialize in responsive theme design, development and integration for various open source and licensed content management systems. Continuum Digital's web designers  are highly creative and experienced in all types of custom website design toronto solutions.


We provide following services as part of responsive web interface development:

  1. Understanding customer behavior for usability
  2. Wireframe creations
  3. Creative artwork and graphics development
  4. Responsive web design and development
  5. Responsive theme development for content management systems

Testing is an integral part of our website design process for public and internal sites. With things constantly changing and evolving, Our responsive web designers are competent and flexible enough to keep up with the latest trends of  web design Toronto market. To hire our website designers or a free consultation, drop us an email at

In addition to the mentioned services, our web interface development process emphasizes a deep understanding of customer behavior to ensure optimal usability. We begin with meticulous wireframe creations that serve as the blueprint for the website's structure. Our team is dedicated to the creative artwork and graphics development, ensuring a visually appealing and engaging user interface.

We specialize in responsive web design and development, crafting interfaces that seamlessly adapt to various devices and screen sizes. For clients utilizing content management systems, we provide responsive theme development to enhance the overall user experience. Quality assurance and testing are integral components of our website design process, ensuring that the final product aligns with industry standards and surpasses user expectations. With a commitment to staying abreast of the latest trends in the Toronto web design market, our responsive web designers remain both competent and flexible.

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What is responsive web design?

To simplify the definition, it means to create a flexible page that helps to see website in the format of the device opened – be it android phone, iPhone, tablet or a desktop. The aim is to create web pages that can identify visitors screen and give them visibility based on the device operated, as layout changes with the shift from device to device.

What is the benefit of responsive design?

It gives optimizes the browsing experience with the change in each device. For example – the way websites are created they might be just desktop friendly. Now if you open on android phone there might be few features which are highlights gets missed, as they cannot be visible. Responsive design helps in creating uniform and smooth browsing experience.

Three Main Components of Responsive Design

It uses flexible layouts by using a flexible grid to create the website layout that will optimize and resize frame. And it works best with and extension to media types when targeting and including styles.